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New Orleans Saints To Face Off Against Former Teammates

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The fourth former Saints player was a favorite, especially with female fans.  TE Jeremy Shockey will attempt to run routes against the Saints defense as a Carolina Panther.  The Panthers quickly scooped up Shockey after the Saints released him following the Wild Card Playoff loss in Seattle.

We all saw it coming because Shockey started to appear more in a Saints t-shirt and sweats on the sideline than he was in a Saints uniform in the game.  With his constant battle staying healthy and the appearance of TE Jimmy Graham, Shockey was deemed expendable.

The only thing that really bothers me about Shockey was the decision to go to a team within our division.  The Saints will travel to face the Panthers on October 9 and then face them in a home game on January 1.

What a coincidence that when on New Years Day we’ll be facing an old acquaintance when we’re supposed to forget them.  It remains to be seen how fans will react in the Superdome on that day.