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New Orleans Saints To Face Off Against Former Teammates

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Former Saints DT Remi Ayodele will play against his former team after he signed with the Vikings at the very beginning of free agency.  I always felt that Ayodele did his job, but flew mostly under the radar and was underrated.

With the signing of Shaun Rogers though, it was apparent to some that Ayodele might make a move which he did rather quickly.  In my opinion, a solid pick up for the Vikings and their defensive line.

On December 4, RB Mike Bell will make another trip to the Superdome as an opponent.  His first was as a Cleveland Brown in October 2010, but Bell never really made an impact in that game.  This time Bell will be wearing a Detroit Lions uniform in an attempt to put his career back on track.

Bell was a running machine for the Saints during their Superbowl run.  After that, Bell felt he deserved more money than the Saints were offering to keep him and he left in free agency to the Philadelphia Eagles.  He was traded to the Browns not long after that.