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New Orleans Saints Superfan Interview: Voodoo Man

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"Voodoo Man:  “The worst memory I have is being at a home game in San Antonio or Baton Rouge. Knowing we should be in the Dome and not knowing if the Saints will ever play another game in the Dome.”"

Voodoo Man told me that he will be there at the Saints next Superbowl since he was unable to attend the last one.

"Voodoo Man:  “I had to stay behind to keep the the good “mojo” and “gris gris” going for the Saints down in the swamp!”"

All joking aside, a very special thank you goes out to David a.k.a. Voodoo Man for taking time to do this interview and for making it a fun experience.  To my WDD readers, I urge you the next time you’re in the Dome to visit with him and the Voodoo Krewe.

But, if you see David with a bloody heart and a voodoo doll, you might get that icey feeling going down your spine.  That’s just him and the Voodoo Krewe doing the “Voo Dat” that they do so well!

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