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New Orleans Saints Superfan Interview: Voodoo Man

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"Voodoo Man:  “I was a big fan when I was with the Marines and when I got out I went to a few games in the Dome in a  jersey and jeans and had a blast.  But back in the late 90’s, the Saints were not doing good and not everyone loved the Saints.  I thought it would be fun to turn it up a bit at the games.  I started face painting and after a few games it grew to Voodoo Man.” “I thought yes the Saints need to step up but the fans do also.  I wanted to do something that other team fans could not use and with voodoo being a major part of Southern Louisiana, it seemed to fit.”"

But Voodoo Man said he isn’t alone when casting a hex or spell on the opposing team.  He has actually formed a Voodoo Krewe.  His brother Doug and sister-in-law Nancy go to games with him as well as some others.

"Voodoo Man:  “In 2007, the Voodoo Krewe began with my brother putting on the paint for the first home game.  Later in the season more family and friends painted up.  As of the end of last season, the Voodoo Krewe was at 10 and when this season kicks off we will be at 14, with Mark and Bubba being the latest ‘probbies’.”"