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New Orleans Saints Superfan Interview: Voodoo Man

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I’ll never forget the first time I had an up close and personal experience with one of the most recognizeable Superfans that inhabit the Superdome.  The date was, and this is no joke, October 31, 2010.  Yeah, you guessed it, Halloween.  Very fitting for the Superfan I came face to face with…Voodoo Man!

I had seen Voodoo Man in flashes of camera shots of the crowd on T.V. while watching the New Orleans Saints games.  Trust me, it was a totaly different experience meeting him in person.

As I mentioned before, the Halloween game against the Pittsburgh Steelers was my first chance to meet Voodoo Man.  My wife actually spotted him and his “Voodoo Krewe” walking down the steps past our section.  For some reason, the Superdome wasn’t very crowded yet.

My wife and I both turned to each other after a few seconds and said that we had to meet them.  Of course, guess who had to be the one to breach his old comfort zone to do so?  I approached Voodoo Man and his Krewe with thoughts of what he would sound like and how he would react to me.

Would he have that deep, growling voice of evil incarnate?  Would he whip out his voodoo doll or blow some ground up voodoo dust in my eyes to cast a spell on my very soul?  Surprisingly, the exact opposite happened after I meekly uttered, “Umm, excuse me”.