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New Orleans Saints: Workouts Led By Brees And Vilma Paying Dividends

By Editorial Staff
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There has been some research done by Mike Preston of the Baltimore Sun, trying to determine if there are any ill effects from the lockout.

Preston checked in with several teams to see how they looked post lock-out, including the Saints, reading his report shows that compared to the Baltimore Ravens, Patriots and Colts, who have been off to a sloppy starts so far in training camp, the Saints are looking great. According to Preston’s research, the Ravens aren’t the only ones.

Payton says the credit goes to our players, what they did during their time was amazing. “You know, they spent a lot of time training, working out and came in to camp in great shape.”

Although Coach Payton is pleased with the progress being made so far, he knows there’s still a lot of work left to do, but says they are determined to get better each day.

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