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New Orleans Saints: Workouts Led By Brees And Vilma Paying Dividends

By Editorial Staff
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The New Orleans Saints training camp is running smoother than ever, it seems like the off-season workouts conducted by quarterback Drew Brees and Jonathan Vilma are paying big dividends.

It’s being said by most media outlets that there are no signs of any post-lockout sloppiness during the Saints training camp, according to the Times Picayune reporter Mike Triplett.

The Saints practices looks like they have during previous years, although the rookies still need to be brought up to speed on their play books, etc, but that’s to be expected after not having any OTA’s or coaching previous to training camp.

The defensive players are strong and are hitting the offensive line with gusto, showing not only that they have the Greg Williams defensive scheme down pat, they also have the talent now to pull it off,

Defensive free agents Shaun Rogers and Aubrayo Franklin are proving that they really want to win.