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New Orleans Saints DC Gregg Williams Gives Praise And Punishment

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As harsh as some comments may seem from Williams, you can’t argue with results.  There is a method to his madness, or what may some may call, his rage.

The process of breaking a player down and building them up from scratch teaches them that they have alot to learn and that everyone operates together on an equal level.  And that goes for veterans who are new to the team like DL Aubrayou Franklin.

After coming to the Saints via the San Francisco 49ers, Franklin didn’t expect to have to do 40 “up downs” his first practice.  Franklin though, gave Williams praise for his coaching style.

“He’s a great coach with great enthusiasm”, Franklin stated.  “He’s got great energy and I think that carries on through the players”.  No doubt Williams will hope to carry that energy into this season and show that the Saints can still dominate on defense.

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