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New Orleans Saints DC Gregg Williams Gives Praise And Punishment

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Of course, Williams can dish out criticism too, especially to incoming rookies.  LB Martez Wilson and CB Johnny Patrick, both recently drafted in the third round this year,  have found that out quickly.

Williams stated that pretty much Johnny Patrick is his “whipping boy right now”.  Williams has been saying that Patrick needs to find a since of urgency in his transition to the NFL.  “If he’s going to make this team,” Williams stressed, “he has to jump in the boat in a hurry.”

LB Martez Wilson got an ear full from Williams in Friday’s practice.  Although Wilson has shown great promise so far in camp, Williams gave him a reality check.

WWL Sports reported that at one point during practice, Williams threw his hands up and yelled at Wilson, “It’s time for you to dominate somebody!”  WWL Sports Bobby Hebert stated that Williams ended it with, “Please!!”