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New Orleans Saints DC Gregg Williams Gives Praise And Punishment

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The New Orleans Saints Defensive Coordinator Gregg Williams has been given a new moniker this season and has been dubbed as “Triple G”.  The one thing that hasn’t changed is his approach to the defense’s training camp and practice.

While Williams is known for being aggressive and “up in your face” when it comes to communicating with players, he’s also quick to give praise when earned.

Williams recently gushed over DE Junior Galette and his progression since last year.  Williams exclaimed that he “about busted a blood vessel on the side of my head” having to correct Galette last season.  Williams stated that he hasn’t had to correct him at all so far.

Another rookie that drew Williams unwanted attention last year was 2010 first round pick CB Patrick Robinson.  Last season, Williams stated that Robinson was going to be his “whipping boy”.  Williams said that Robinson has had a “night and day transition” since the last season.

Williams even went so far as to say, “You know what?  Patrick (Robinson) is speeding up (CB) Tracy Porter’s recovery process”.  Porter as everyone knows, had offseason knee surgery.  “Tracy Porter wants to get back out there in a hurry because he sees how good Patrick’s doing.  And I mean that sincerely”, Williams said.