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New Orleans Saints S Malcolm Jenkins Showing Leadership

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Jenkins started training camp recently with a renewed outlook and it shows.  Once called rookie himself, the roles are reversed and Jenkins is taking part in the teaching process.

The young defensive backs on the team have reportedly been picking the mind of Jenkins, much like he did years ago when he first came into the league.  Jenkins it seems has assumed the role of mentor now and it’s well deserved.

He spends countless hours on not just physical preparation, but mental.  Jenkins stated yesterday at training camp that he has studied each game last year three times, looking for opponents tendencies and habits.  He also said he has been watching for things that he has done, right and wrong.

His competitive nature is a learning tool for young defensive backs as he is relentless and aggressive with his plays.  Jenkins also knows when to have a bit of a light side at camp also, especially with the rookie players.