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New Orleans Saints Add LB Clint Ingram And Others As Insurance

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We’ve all heard the saying:  “Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me”.  That appears to be the case with the New Orleans Saints and some recent roster moves.  Moves that appear to be made just as insurance in the event the injury bug hits again this season.

I’ll admit, I was taken completely by surprise by some of the splashes that the Saints have taken in free agency.  The addition of RB/KR Darren Sproles shocked me, but in a very good way.

This was a move I thought the Saints should have made with  Jets RB LaDainian “LT”  Tomlinson when the San Diego Chargers released him.  I thought LT still had alot left in his tank and the “Drew Brees Connection” between them would have been incredible.

I’ve always liked Sproles and was thrilled that the Saints signed him.  My wife screamed when she heard the news because she absolutely loves Sproles.  “They signed my little guy!”, she cheered.  Her world is now complete because her other favorite Saint is RB Pierre Thomas.

I explained to her though that this move was made as insurance and not for popularity.  With RB Reggie Bush’s departure, the Saints needed a little insurance at running back and on kick returns.  The Saints are also making other “insurance” roster moves as of late.