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New Orleans Saints: Marques Colston Makes Statement

By Editorial Staff

“Colston said any time you can get a group of guys as large as we had together, you get that continuity, the team camaraderie and the things that come with the ultimate team sport—those intangibles.”

He is talking about the off-season workouts which were organized by Drew Brees and Jonathan Vilma, Brees even helped fund the workouts at Tulane University, which emphasized strength and conditioning and also included some on-field work with Brees running the offense and Pro Bowl middle linebacker Jonathan Vilma taking care of the defense.

The workouts, which regularly drew more than 40 players, were among the longest and most cohesive efforts of any team. Throughout their workouts,

Brees reminded his team that when training camps starts, the teams that stuck together would have an advantage, an edge that most teams wouldn’t have.

Chase Daniel also addressed team camaraderie, specifically the quarterback group, but also the team as a whole as the lockout continued deep into the summer.

It’s apparent just how much these guys like each other,” Daniel said. “We love being with each other, we love working with each other, and to have 45 players on average out here every time shows that.”

I think the Saints are further ahead of a lot of teams when it come to player progressions, and rookies getting an idea of pro style offensive speed, etc.


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