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Why the New Orleans Saints and Reggie Bush Must Part Ways

By Editorial Staff
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NFL fans should be well aware by now that the business of football is cut and dry, harsh, and remorseless. Reggie Bush lights up the field, riles up the crowd, and occasionally makes plays that seem superhuman.

But when it comes to having a complete team or an inconsistent but home-run hitting running back, I choose the latter.

The team that wins the Superbowl is the healthiest team in the playoffs. This team is healthy because the injuries they have sustained – there are always injuries – were met by capable back-up players who came in and did their job.

The depth of a football team cannot be overvalued, and with Thomas, Ivory, and Ingram in our backfield, I am confident the Saints running game will not take a hit after losing Bush.

With the economy in the dumps and the NFL Lockout finally resolved, fans know that luxuries are a thing of the past. I wish all the best to Reggie Bush in all of his future endeavors. He has been great to New Orleans: great for the team and great for the fans.

It is time to move on.

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