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Why the New Orleans Saints and Reggie Bush Must Part Ways

By Editorial Staff
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The New Orleans Saints have more unrestricted free agents than any other team in the NFL. That number stands at 28, with the next closest team waiting to sign 22.

In addition, the Saints have one restricted free agent and six draft picks eagerly awaiting their contracts and number assignments. Grand total: 35 + all of the new additions from the UDFA pool, currently standing at 9 players.

With the new salary cap in place at $120.7 M, signing all of the players the Saints have said they want to keep is next to impossible.

Unless Reggie Bush is due $11.8 M which counts as $16 M to the salary cap, which alone would put us well above the cap limit. Of course, this is a moot point because Bush’s contract would be restructured either way.

The important number here is $12.5 M. That is the rebate towards the salary cap the Saints stand to receive if they do decide to release Bush.

$12.5 M would more than double the Saints salary cap margin and allow the team to hit all of the spots on the UFA roster they wish. In doing so, the Saints will gather insurance of depth in all positions on the field, rather than having a luxurious, although entertaining backfield.

There is no doubt Reggie Bush has been a valuable, versatile, and relatively productive player for the Saints since his arrival, and was a part bringing home the Lombardi trophy. He is, however, expendable.