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New Orleans Saints Running Backs’ Highlights

By Editorial Staff
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Now that the NFL Lockout is behind us, it’s time to get excited for the team we have, the players we know, and the players we don’t yet know whether we will have them or not. On the offensive side of the ball, the position that requires the most depth for the New Orleans Saints is the running back position.

Honorable mention here is the offensive line, but their highlights aren’t as exciting.

New Orleans has had injury troubles with running backs in the past few years and lack of depth in the position leads to a one-dimensional offense. While the Saints are pass-happy – Brees usually throws 40 or more times per game – the less Brees has to pass the ball the better the chances are of success. This, of course, is contingent upon the running game consistently moving the chains and wearing down opposing defenses.

Pierre Thomas – Thomas is a proven workhorse for the New Orleans Saints. His good (not great) speed combines with brute force to create a bowling ball running style. He has an exceptional knack for keeping his powerful legs moving forward when wrapped up by defenders, an ability most Saints fans relate to future Saints Hall of Famer, Deuce McAllister.

Pierre Thomas Highlights