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NFL Network Gives Date For Cutting/Waiving Of Players


NFL fans have been eagerly awaiting to learn the fate of some of their favorite players.  NFL Network broadcasted a day that could be of real interest, especially to New Orleans Saints fans.

NFL Network has broadcast a “tentative” schedule for the time for teams to cut or waive players on team rosters.  Thursday is the day that was shown just recently.

Steve Wyche of NFL Network  reported late Sunday/early Monday that when teams report to facilities, they can begin waiving players and also negotiate, but not sign contracts with, free agents from other teams.

Since Thursday is the day that the Saints are expected to report, Who Dat Nation will finally learn the fate of RB Reggie Bush.  Bush stated that he wishes to remain with the Saints, but I’m sure for the right price.

The feeling is that, despite trade rumors, Bush will simply be cut if he doesn’t agree to a new deal.  Mainly because with a trade, no team wants to take the salary cap hit that would come with him.

We could also learn the fate of cornerback Randall Gay who has slipped under the radar as of late but is also rumored to be cut unless his contract is renegotiated.

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