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HBO Series “Hard Knocks” Cancelled This Season Due To NFL Lockout

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Point blank, the NFL owners and players had bigger fish to fry with the ongoing CBA negotiations.  In reality, the “Hard Knocks” series was an afterthought for all 32 clubs.  If an agreement had been reached a month sooner, then it may have been a different story.

Something else that may have turned teams away was just the intrusive nature of the show itself.  When “Hard Knocks” says all access, that’s exactly what it is.  The selected team to appear is followed from the beginning of training camp to the end of preseason.

Cameras are placed everywhere and everything has a microphone attached.  We see the good as well as the bad in whatever team is being featured.  The good:  incoming rookies being pranked and players trying to have fun to break the dreary routine of camp.

The bad:  players dealing with the stress of being cut and both players and coaches dealing with personal issues.  I would always cringe when I saw the Turk roaming the halls and locker rooms until he found the player he was looking for.  “Coach needs to see you and we need your playbook,” was the only phrase he would mutter.  The Turk has spoken.