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NFL Lockout Still On; HOF Game Cancelled A Casualty Of War


Just when fans were rejoicing, it seems there is one last link to break on the NFL Lockout, and there is reports of it’s first casualty.

Even though owners agreed to a new resolution, the players have still got to vote on the new deal.  Unfortunately, it dosen’t look like it’s going to happen tonight or even tomorrow.

NFL analyst Jay Glazer reports that players “haven’t even seen what owners have done with changes players made to the owner’s proposal”.

Reports are also coming in that the Hall Of Fame Game between the Chicago Bears and St. Louis Cardinals has been cancelled.  Also there is a report that the NFL calender will possibly be revised.

Players have been taking to their Twitter accounts and asking fans and followers for patience.  Loyal football fanatics were obviously thinking that the chains would be knocked off tonight but unfortunately it’s not.

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