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New Orleans Saints: One Fan's View From The Cheap Seats

By Editorial Staff
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As a fan of the New Orleans Saints, I have to say, just being able to go to a Saints game is more than enough excitement to keep me pumped up until the next game.

Hearing all the who dats screaming in the superdome, fans all decked out in black and gold with their painted faces and halo’s placed on their heads, it’s electrifing.

It feels like it was only a few years ago that fans filled the stands wearing paper sacks covering their faces, BOTTOM LINE,” they still filled the seats every year”.

I don’t always have the best seat in the dome, that really doesn’t matter, i can feel the dome tremble, and the noise level is defening when the Saints are playing.

I have always been a big fan of the Saints and football in general, i’m also an advid golfer and love to play in the Saints Hall Of Fame and the Louisiana Sports Hall Of Fame Tournement’s each year.

I enjoy meeting the players and coaches, some still in the league, and some as they are are looking to make their mark in other areas following retirement.

I go to meet them because I want to tell them i really enjoyed watching them play and that it was a pleasure getting to know them over the years while they were with the Saints.