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NFL: Possible Trade Between Arizona Cardinals And Philadelphia Eagles

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I figured that now the lockout is winding down that some big moves would be made in free agency and that trades between teams would be minor.  But according to a report coming from Arizona, there is a possible trade brewing that surprised me.

XTRA 910 of Phoenix reporter Mike Jurecki is citing a source that the Arizona Cardinals and Philadephia Eagles are interested in a big trade.  The trade is supposed to involve Eagles “question mark” QB Kevin Kolb.

Kolb has been a hot topic during the offseason with analysts suspecting that he would not be with the Eagles this upcoming season.  QB Michael Vick emerged as the savior for the Eagles when Kolb was injured during a game against the Green Bay Packers.

Kolb never returned to make an impact and Vick went from being a back-up QB seeking redemption, to a hero who found salvation.  Vick helped orchestrate the  “Miracle At The New Meadowlands” by scoring three unanswered touchdowns when they were down by 21 points.

This in essence put the nail in Kolb’s coffin as a starter and anyone questioning if Vick was ready to return to the NFL.  Jurecki reported that the Cardinals are wanting to pursue Kolb and are willing to make a “straight up” trade for him.