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New Orleans Saints Running Back Controversy: What should the Saints do? (Part 5 of 5)

By Editorial Staff
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If Reggie wants to make more money, then I know it will be with another team. If he wants to win and go back to another Superbowl, he will do whatever he can to be in the Black and Gold this year. I am hoping that the character he has shown people during his time as a Saint will continue and he will stay with our team for years to come.

I know everybody is saying there are just to many top quality running backs in the backfield. The Saints have to get rid of at least 1 of them or maybe even 2. I completely disagree with this thought process. I watched my beloved Saints go through 7 running backs last year due to injuries.

Shouldn’t we learn from this? Look around the NFL the last few years. How many top running backs are able to complete a full season and playoffs touching the ball 20-25 times a game and not get injured and end of missing significant playing time?

The players in the NFL are getting bigger, stronger, and faster. The viciousness of the hits that these backs are experiencing can easily be a season ending hit for these players. To be able to rotate top quality running backs in and out throughout a game has got to be one of the biggest advantages for a NFL team.

These four talented players could easily end up making the Saints the top rushing team in the NFL in 2011. I say the best thing the Saints can do is find a way to keep all of them.

I can see it now…Sean Payton will come up with some special plays that has all 4 running backs on the field at the same time. I want to see a defense defend against that!


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