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Top Teams in the NFC: Where Do the New Orleans Saints Rank?

By Editorial Staff
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#1) Packers – As much as I want to, putting the Saints here would not be fair, the Packers deserved their Superbowl win and deserve to be the best team heading into free agency. I am still amazed they won the championship while having to play on the road the whole time.

#2) Saints – Everything is lining up for the Saints to make a deep playoff run this season. After one of the strongest NFL drafts the Saints have seen in awhile, the offense looks unstoppable and the defense has potential to do great things. If the linebacking corps plays stout defense and the cornerbacks STAY HEALTHY, look for the Saints to compete for the NFC championship.

#3) Falcons – Why is it imperative that the Saints cornerbacks stay healthy? Because with a quarterback like Matt Ryan who now has two playmaking wide receivers in Julio Jones and Roddy White, the Saints need all the cornerback and safety help they can get. Guarding those two will be the key to winning their two games this season.