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New Orleans Saints: Drew Brees, Peyton Manning Unrestricted FA?

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Drew Brees has been rumored to want the same thing as Manning, to become an unrestricted free agent for much the same reason. Brees is entering the final year of his contract and could be a candidate for the franchise tag.

The Saints are not the type of team to let a good thing go, and Drew Brees has certainly been a good thing since his arrival in 2006 — delivering the franchises first ever Superbowl in 2009. It’s asinine to think they won’t reward him with a lucrative long-term deal.

While Manning, or anyone from his camp at least at the time of this writing, have yet come out and made a statement regarding these allegations both Drew Brees and Vincent Jackson took to their twitter accounts to shed some light on the situation.

"I hesitate to even dignify the false media  reports with a response, but obviously they are leading people astray. … I  want no special perks. My job is to get a fair deal for all players, and I am  proud to represent them all – past, present and future. — Drew Brees (twitter) Preciate the support guys! Can’t believe  all u read or see in media. I have made no demands, I wanna play ball like the  rest of my peers! — Vincent Jackson (twitter)"

Mankins also has not come out to dispute the claims lending them more credibility.

No one cay say for sure what has been talked about, or if the demands are really more then a sophisticated plot to bring attention back to Brady v. NFL, which has all but been forgotten in all the hype of a new CBA.

Maybe everyone talked settlement and possible compensation, in the end though it doesn’t seem realistic especially for such high character players like Drew Bree and Peyton Manning, that should already be guaranteed monster contracts.

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