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New NFL Replay Rule Challenging Pace Of Game

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Former VP of Officiating for the NFL and current NFL rule analyst for Fox Sports, Mike Pereira, recently explained the new replay rule for the upcoming NFL season on FOXSports.com:

“If an official rules a score (touchdown, field goal, safety or extra point) during a game, the replay official will automatically review the play. If there is any question as to whether the ruling is correct, they will buzz down to the referee and ask him to come to the monitor to review the play.”

“If the replay official confirms the ruling is correct, they will buzz the referee indicating he is clear to let the scoring team attempt the extra point, or kick off if the scoring play was a field goal, safety or extra-point attempt.”

” A coach will not be allowed to challenge the ruling of a score. The intent is to save the coach from having to challenge the ruling of a score and, thus, increase his chances of not running out of challenges or timeouts.”

Sounds like all that buzzing down just might kill the buzz of the crowd and cause many at home to change the channel if it gets a bit too much.  Plus, I see a small hidden agenda with this move:  accountability.