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2011 NFL Lockout Coming To An End At Just The Right Time

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Football fans across the country have been eagerly awaiting the end of the lockout in the NFL.  Of course, while this is for selfish reasons, many are glad it’s coming to an end for the sake of their beloved franchises themselves.

All eyes have been glued to the T.V., Twitter, etc. for the past several months for any type of news on the lockout.  Fans expressed their disgruntled attitude with the situation by firing off emails, handwritten letters, and some even suggesting that a boycott of NFL merchandise be done.

I had even seen one New Orleans Saints season ticket holder post a thread on a website that even when a deal is reached, that fellow ticket holders boycott the preseason games in the Superdome.

Of course on that last one, I applaud the bold move but it’s just not going to happen.  Season ticket holders are not going to forfeit the games, especially when the ticket office already has your money anyway.  A seat may be empty but it’s already paid for.

On top of the angry fans, players have been getting hit hard with the lockout.  Newly drafted rookies who haven’t been signed are forced to find jobs and even move back in with family.  Also, legal troubles have been hounding others.  When news came that an agreement should be announced by next week, I sighed in relief for several reasons.