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NFC South Jambalaya for July 15th

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Photo source Google Images and southwestblend.com

We’re all getting hungry for some Saints football, but it’s still a while before the season starts. Just how long is anyone’s guess, and the Hall of Fame Game may be the first casualty of the season. Maybe I can “whoop up” something tasty for the time being; lets see what I have to work with in the kitchen.

There’s plenty of tasty news about the NFC South, but would it spoil the jambalaya? Falcon meat is kind of stringy and Panther meat is a bit tough and chewy, but we’ll see. These headlines are pretty fresh. We’ll throw them together, chunk in some onions, bell peppers, okra, and spices and maybe work up a big ‘ole pot of some Cajun jambalaya.

From NFPpost.com about the latest NFC news:

"Rookies have long been a source of tremendous value for fantasy owners. However, the 2011 crop will be at a severe disadvantage entering the season due to the NFL lockout. In the past, rookies were handed a playbook and asked to attend their first NFL minicamp roughly one week after getting drafted."

What? Run that by me again? Fantasy football? Oh, hell no, at this point in the season don’t start talking about fantasy football after I predicted months ago that it’s all we may see of football this season, “fantasy”. Let’s start all over again, and talk some real football this time.