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Dealing With Offensive Line Depth Still An Issue For New Orleans Saints

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It at least appears at the moment that a new labor deal is imminent, as one of the last major hurdles has been cleared. Last night the owners and players were able to come to an agreement on how to pay rookies in their fifth year under the new “wage scale”.

Essentially owners had to give a little to the players in agreeing to pay more in the fifth “option year”, while the players had to lessen the constraints on just how much negotiating can be done enabling owners more flexibility to deal for less money.

Also reports seem to indicate they have also settled on just how much the upcoming salary cap will be — $120 million, plus $21 million in benefits — which only furthers efforts to get a CBA in place and teams in camp on time.

Likely the deal could be agreed upon in principle as soon as today or even over the next few days. The ultimate goal is to have it done and ready to be voted on by the owners at their next meeting in Atlanta on July 21st.

Free agency is expected to start shortly there after and run for roughly two weeks. It will be an all out race to the finish to get everyone signed, especially for a team like the Saints who have a league high amount of free agents.