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New Orleans Saints Running Back Controversy: Reggie Bush (Part 4 of 5)

By Editorial Staff
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Before the NFL Lockout had even begun and before the NFL Draft had taken place, there was already controversy regarding Bush’s return to the Saints. Would the Saints pay the huge 2011 salary to Bush? Even I had to say no to that. Did Bush want to stay?

He had already said he wanted to redo his contract in order to stay with the Saints. Did the Saints want to keep Bush as a member of the team in 2011? I would have to say yes. But it would have to be with a renegotiated contract.

Sure a lot of people question that, I know. I questioned it for a time myself. Let’s look at what Bush did for the Saints in every game he has played in over his career.

How many games did we as fans watch where opposing defenses double teamed Bush wherever he went on the field? This in turn, left numerous other Saints players with one on one coverage or other types of mismatches.

How many times did fans hold their breath every time Bush got the ball in the open field? Just the threat Bush represents every time he is on the field has not only brought excitement to the Saints games, but also opportunity to his fellow players and success to the New Orleans Saints.

Bush hasn’t had amazing stats so far in his career. I don’t believe he has reached his full potential either. But Bush has brought some amazing intangibles not only to the Saints on the football field, but to the Saints fans of the Who Dat Nation.

Even without the stats that bring awards and recognition in the NFL, Bush has been an integral part in the success of our World Champion Saints.


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