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New Orleans Saints: Reggie Bush, And Undrafted SS DeAndre McDaniel

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Not even Reggie Bush knows if he will be back with the New Orleans Saints next season. It’s a hot topic currently as analysts throw in their two cents as to where they think he will be playing in 2011. Teams like the Rams, Patriots, Colts, and yes even the Buccaneers all have been linked to Bush as potential suitors.

Realistically he could end up anywhere in the NFL as it seems increasingly likely the Saints will have to cut him to avoid an astronimical cap hit, over twelve million dollars, but there is a chance he could re-sign if a new deal can be reached that agreeable to both sides.

Bush’s situation is a lot like the story of the boy who cried wolf. Starting in April, and right after the drafting of Mark Ingram, Bush went to firing off tweets implying he would not be back with the Saints.

Later he seemed to mock team mates who where at the time working out on their own at Tulane Stadium, workouts dubbed “OBA’s”, or organized Brees activities, since he funded the six-week event out of his own pocket.

Essentially Bush declared his “delight” that the lockout meant he was not required to workout in the harsh Louisiana heat.

At his annual “Youth Football Camp” in May, Bush backtracked a bit from his statements and seemed to indicate he has every intention of returning to the Saints and was hopeful a new deal could be reached in time for the 2011 season.

Today Bush sang the same tune to ESPN’s Colleen Dominguez.

"I want to be with the Saints. I know that the coaches, the owner, the GM, have all expressed how much they want me back. And hopefully we can all find a happy medium. My No. 1 priority is to remain a New Orleans Saint."

His statements about returning are just too hard to swallow, after all he set the tone for fans to believe he was done with New Orleans. Truly he can say whatever he wants, but too much damage has already been done.

Bush has an “it” factor that no one can deny. He is able to turn in spectacular, jaw dropping plays that amaze fans and analysts. The problem is these moments happen far too randomly to truly cement his status as an elite talent.

Injury and mediocrity are more accurate when describing Bush and his play on the field. Pierre Thomas, Mark Ingram, and Chris Ivory can more then carry the rushing load — good luck to you Bush where ever you land.