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Riding The CBA See-Saw With New Orleans Saints Fans

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Saints Fan on CBA See-Saw…… Photo source brainbasedbusiness.com

Well, if the headline doesn’t make any sense neither does this offseason. I feel like the see-saw is a good analogy because so far everything has been up and down repeatedly since the lockout in March and shows little signs of changing any time soon.

Author Gene Higginbotham made an excellent case for “We” Are The New Orleans Saints in his recent WhoDatDish article, so I’ll be speaking first person tense as a Saints fan as well as for the players. The Saints and the fans are synonymous; without the fans there are no Saints.

The players have been riding the see-saw too, but it just isn’t moving for them. The only ones of the good end of the see-saw are the ones who have contracts; they’re riding high. The other end is firmly weighted down by the “have-nots”, the ones in limbo.

At least the players above and below the 4-6 year cutoff for the free agency negotiations know where they stand; the ones in the middle have no idea. The un-drafted rookies are locked out of the playground altogether and are sweating it out with the fans.