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“Blazing Saddles”, Mike Florio of NBC Sports Rides Again…

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Once again Mike Florio of NBC Sports and Pro Football Talk has been able to put something in the pot to simmer that may well boil over before it gets done. For those of you who don’t follow Mike Florio, I would describe him as an un-biased reporter in a very biased venue, not that of NBC Sports but the maelstrom of comments that he receives from the many members there that faithfully follow him.

Perhaps “faithfully follow” is not the proper term to use. Yes, he has faithful followers, but at times he seems to have more stalkers than followers, LOL. I don’t believe I have ever seen more comments with more emotion and more animosity from opposing sides than I have there at Pro Football Talk specifically under his articles.

Mike has a couple of trademark writer’s tricks that go mostly un-noticed, first a tendency to leave gaps in his train of thought wide enough to drive an 18-wheeler between; he does it intentionally in my view. Mike is as savvy as they come, I think at times he wants us to read between the lines or he wants us to figure out where he’s going without having to commit himself.

Mike also often likes to leave a landmine at the end of his articles, consider this Claymore he set the tripwire on at the end of this article:

"Unfortunately, the NFL and the NFLPA* seem to be motivated only by the looming loss of $200 million per week once preseason games are scuttled. Limiting the ability of the teams to prepare for the season and/or restricting the attractiveness of free agents simply isn’t a priority. It should be. Whether it will be remains to be seen."