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8th Circuit Court: NFL Lockout Legal, But Rookies/Un-Signed Players Exempt

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The promise given by Judge Kermit Bye on June 3rd, more a stern warning then anything, made it crystal clear that the court expected both sides (players and owners) to get back to the negotiating table quickly and get a deal in place.

"We will take this case and render a decision in due course. We won’t, I might also say, be all that hurt that you’re leaving us out if you should go out and settle the case. But that’s up to you. But we will keep with our business, and if that ends up with a decision, that’s probably something both sides are not going to like but at least it will be a decision. — Judge Kermit Bye"

Both sides have since been working diligently to get a deal done. At one point there seemed to be a monumental break through as owners and players seemed to finally agree on a fair revenue split of 48% to the players, and 52% to the owners with the stipulation they spend more money on salaries.

The next day it was reported the owners reneged on that offer after requesting a $500 million kicker to help offset expenses. Players claim that amount would reduce their own share to roughly 42%, not the agreed upon 48%, and thus heavy negotiations continue even today.

One more unexpected twist took place this past Monday when a group of retired players filed their own lawsuit against the NFL, NFLPA and the players listed on Brady v. NFL, which includes New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees.

The veteran players feel they are being squeezed out of the current labor negotiations and that their interests are not being considered as they attempt to secure more money for players pensions and future health care costs.