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New Orleans Saints: Raiders TE Zach Miller Could Replace David Thomas

By Editorial Staff
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But re-signing Thomas will be what the Saints really prefer, he’s someone that the team wants to keep in their fold but at the right price, which is the true determining factor on if he stays or if he goes.

Since 2006, when Thomas was drafted by New England, he played 3 years under Patriots head coach Bill Belichick, and the last 2 in New Orleans under Payton. He has a total of 86 receptions for 836 yards and 4 touchdowns.

In 2007 Zach Miller was drafted by the Oakland Raiders, and since has averaged 56 receptions per year for a total of 226 receptions, 2,712 yards and 12 touchdown as a four-year starter.

If the Saints are not able to come up with an agreement with Thomas, Zach Miller would be a great addition even though he will likey command a high price.

However having two starting tight ends the caliber of Jimmy Graham and Zach Miller would be a fearsome combination. The only problem would be quarterback Drew Brees and which tight end he would throw at the most, I’m sure Brees though he would be more than happy to have that kind of problem.


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