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New Orleans Saints: Drew Brees And Co. Represented Well In NFL Top 100

By Editorial Staff
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The New Orleans Saints teams, until recently, only a real die hard fan could love.

They always seemed to have the wrong mix of players or coaches, no matter how hard they tried to bring in talent and coaches that could make an impact.

Throughout the teams existence, they never seemed to have both a great offense or defense on the field at the same time, that is until they hired a coach with some moxie, to say the least.

Over the last six years the Saints have proven that if you plan, draft, and know what kind of talent to look for, you can win championships.

The Saints had five players voted onto the NFL’s Top 100 Players of 2011 list, all by their peers and fellow team mates.

That speaks volumes about how far the Saints has come since the devastation of Katrina and near relocation to another city.

Drew Brees was voted in as the third best quarterback in the league, and 9th overall, behind only Payton Manning and Tom Brady. We all know who the best quarterback is still, even if the players do not.