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“We” Are The New Orleans Saints

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As I’ve stated in previous articles, I’m by far not Coach Sean Payton or General Manager Mickey Loomis.  Lord knows that they have already done and continue to do an excellent job without my direct input.  But I am a New Orleans Saint no matter what title I have or don’t have.

I use “we” when speaking about my family and my country because of the connection and love I have for them.  That’s why I use “we” when speaking about the New Orleans Saints.  If you really are a member of Who Dat Nation, then you understand the “we” and have the same right.

By the way, on the word ignorant, it’s defined in Merriam-Webster as a “lacking of  knowledge or comprehension of the thing specified” and also “resulting from or showing lack of knowledge or intelligence”.  I’ll let you be the judge on that one.

Thanks to all of you who follow us at Who Dat Dish.  It’s because of you that this site has become a growing success and will continue to do so.  Have a safe and happy Fourth of July.  God bless our troops and those that have made the ultimate sacrifice for our country.

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