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New Orleans Saints WR Lance Moore Worth Much More Than Money

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I decided to look at past highlights of the season and noticed that Moore’s value to the Saints is something that can’t be measured.  This is simply because you can’t measure true heart and emotion.

Oh yes, Moore has receiver skills that are a pleasure to the eye.  His route running is quick and on point.  I love when he slipped behind defensive backs and caught footballs in stride.  Of course his fingertip grab for a two point conversion in Superbowl XLIV will live forever in Who Dat lore.

It’s Moore’s style of play that stands out as well that I think I love.  He actually has fun and wants to make it fun for his team and his fans.  His touchdown celebrations take on a life of their own.

In 2008 it was his knee slide through the end-zone during the London game against the San Diego Chargers, and in 2009 his backward skipping after a touchdown.  He actually gave me a bright spot in our loss to the Falcons in 2010.