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New Orleans Saints WR Lance Moore Worth Much More Than Money

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Much speculation has been given lately about WR Lance Moore and his possible exit in free agency.  Will he stay or go?  What size contract will the Saints offer him?  I guess this article is not so much an article, as it is an open letter to General Manager Mickey Loomis and how much Moore is worth.

I know that I’ve given my two cents on a few occasions about Lance and his current situation.  I’ve tried to be objective and look at both sides in his contract situation.  I said I’ve “tried” mind you.  That ended a few days ago when I watched NFL Replay on NFL Network.

The subject of NFL Replay to start this week off was a replay of the Saints visiting the Atlanta Falcons on December 27, 2010.  I know what the outcome was, but since it was a stomping of the Falcons, I settled into my chair and hit play on my DVR.

I rewound some parts several times (Falcons RB Michael Turner’s goal line fumble) and fast forwarded others (Saints QB Drew Brees two freakish interceptions).  The one thing that stood out to me on our offense, besides RB Pierre Thomas, was Lance Moore.

Moore seemed to come out of nowhere on slant routes.  He went across the middle getting nailed but popped up faster than one of the critters on a Whack-A-Mole game as if nothing happened.  Most of the time with his trademark smile on display to whoever just hit him.