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New Orleans Saints To Give WR Lance Moore A $3M Deal?

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There has been plenty of speculation as to what the New Orleans Saints plan to do with impending free agent wide recveiver Lace Moore when the NFL gets back to work.

Moore will be an un-restricted free agent this year in what is expected to be the shortest and most chaotic free agency periods in the history of the league.

The lockout has of course pushed free agency back and the new CBA is expected to make all players with at least four years experience un-restricted instead of the previous six accrued seasons it would have taken under the old rules.

Teams that used the franchise tag on players with over four years have likely done so in vain, and thus a mad dash to collect as many quality players is likely to ensue in three weeks through late July.

A salary cap “must spend” limit will also be in effect so teams will be required to spend nearly all over their current $120M cap, a number that could be raised with the signing of a new CBA.

Moore could have a long list of potential suitors once the lockout is lifted and the Saints may not be able to match a team’s offer that is desperate to land a productive wide receiver. Then again, the Saints may not have to worry about matching any one’s offer.

Trolling around the Internet there are several different sites, including the Times-Picayune, with snippets of information claiming that the Saints will be re-signing Moore to a deal worth $3M a season. That number would tie Lance with Marques Colston as the teams highest paid receiver.