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Reggie Bush: Rumor Gaining Steam Of Trade Between Saints And Rams

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The New Orleans Saints will have a loaded backfield when the 2011 NFL season starts, that’s even if they part ways with running back Reggie Bush at some point this off-season.

Pierre Thomas was re-signed to a four year contract on the cusp of the expiration of the NFL’s former CBA. The Saints will also be returning last seasons leading rusher in Chris Ivory (716 yards, 5 touchdowns) and drafted Heisman Trophy winner Mark Ingram in the first round of the draft.

Bush implied all along that he thought his time with the Saints was all but over, sending a heap of controversial messages out through his twitter account than mocked his teammates for working out on their own, after he said “goodbye” to New Orleans on the heels of the drafting of Ingram.

Another twist to this story was a report by Jason Cole on Yahoo! Sports, claiming that the Saints gave Bush their blessing to test the market and shop other teams.

Bush has come out since  Cole’s story and denied that he was given permission to talk to other teams. Cole however is standing firm behind his article stating “that’s fine, he can say whatever he wants to say”, regarding Bush’s statement that he did not in fact shop his services.

Something is going-on with Bush, and the only thing certain is the un-certainty surrounding his return to the team. Moreover a new rumor seems to be picking up steam which involves a trade between the Saints and the Rams.