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Ike Taylor To The New Orleans Saints Makes Little Sense

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The depth is also there, last years first round pick Patrick Robinson flashed some serious potential his rookie season. He made some big plays for the Saints and conversely some bad ones, but that’s the life of a rookie defensive back in the NFL.

The coaching staff is hopeful Robinson can come on strong in 2011 and develop into the teams top nickel corner.

Johnny Patrick was selected in third round by the Saints this year. He is physical and pretty fast for his “stocky” build, the early reports are encouraging and it looks as if he will mesh well the his new team mates.

He is an exciting prospect that with development could turn into a top contributor.

There is just no room for Taylor on the Saints, and yes just like running backs a team can’t ever have enough healthy corner’s on the roster, but Randall Gay is cheaper and arguably better in coverage than Taylor. What incentive would the Saints have in signing him?

A suggestion has been made that maybe the Saints would be interested in signing him strictly to convert him to safety for two reasons. One of course being his age and two his known ability for being an excellent tackler in the open field.

That seems like a long shot at best, the Saints are high on Roman Harper regardless of his play-off performance last season and Taylor, like most players, will not want to abandon the comfort of a position he knows very well.

Taylor will be playing somewhere next season, it’s just won’t be for his home “state” New Orleans Saints.

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