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The Clock Is Winding Down for Coach Payton And The New Orleans Saints

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Sean sees this season as a one year window of opportunity; and in a way it is. Coach Payton will coach this season like it’s his last. I like that. He knows that “this is the season for the Saints”; we have to reach back and grab a fleeting piece of momentum from ’09. We’ll have to hang on to it for dear life, ride the draft from the other teams when we can, and make a move when we have to.

He won’t care how many laps we lead in the race, only that we are leading the pack in the last lap and take the checkered flag. He’ll have his work cut out for him. When the headlines scream “The NFL Owners and Players Sign New CBA” he’ll have to hit the ground running with a vengeance.

He’ll likely have as many as 10 days and as few as 7 to do most of the negotiating he has to do before getting down to the sobering reality of getting the players ready. Rumor has it that the league “may” give teams a brief period of perhaps three days to get the re-signing of his own players done before the NFL will start free agency.

That’s not very long to get the job done. He’ll still have to face negotiating contracts with his rookies and signing what undrafted rookie free agents he can get his hands on. Expect our beloved coach to be plugging holes faster than a little Dutch boy at a badly leaking dike.

Come maybe mid-July, expect Coach Payton to be as busy as a one-legged man at a butt-kicking contest. Me? I expect him to come out on top of that fight.

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