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NFL’s Manning Brothers Spend Off-Season Filming “Football Cops”


The NFL lockout has given many players more free time then they generally would have had during a normal off-season – Bengals wide receiver Chad Ochocinco rode a bull and tried out for a professional soccer team, Jets safety Tom Zbikowski took up boxing professionally, Redskins tight end Chris Cooley starting making pottery and Falcons running back Jason Snelling started selling cars.

Football players are no different then the average Joe, naturally you can only sit around on the couch for so long before the need to feel productive becomes so strong you just have to get up, get out and get something done.

Peyton and Eli Manning are taking to the TV screen in an action-packed drama about two former pro football players who bring their unique brand of law enforcement to one of the country’s toughest neighborhoods.

"ABOUT THE SHOW: Mike Tahoe (Peyton Manning) was living the dream as a big league quarterback, until a personal tragedy brought him back to the mean streets of his childhood. Vowing to bring those who wronged him to swift justice, he enlists the help of his best friend, and biggest rival, C.J. Hunter (Eli Manning)."

Apparently both Manning’s have been working undercover with DirecTV to film “Football Cops”, a special project which the details regarding have not been fully disclosed. What is known for sure is that it’s not a commercial of any kind, but it certainly can’t be a full blown season.

Whatever it is not likely to last long. The owners met in Chicago yesterday to discuss and vote on the proposed framwork of a new CBA. The news seems to be very positive as a vote to accept the new terms was nearly unanimous, sources say the NFL will be back to work some in the next one to three weeks, July 15th was a date targeted for the end of the lockout.

A sneak peek video was provided to WDD, enjoy your first look at “Football Cops”, should be compelling television to say the least.

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