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2011 NFL Lockout: July 15th A Target For Resuming Football Operations

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Meanwhile other key issues have been put aside, moreover on the “backburner” for the time being. An eighteen game schedule is still in contention, but is not written into the contract as a finality. Instead it’s structured as a “negotiable item” that can never be mandated without player consent.

The proposed rookie wage scale has not gone away either, likely it will be put in motion soon. The fine details still need to be worked out, but alas a fair system that pays veterans their dues while refusing to over pay for hyped-up college players is a stones throw away.

Lastly there is the topic of free agency, which apparently will not deciate from the previous system, players with at least four years of experience will become unrestricted free agents while those with less can be tagged as restricted.

Any player designated as a restricted free agency that received a tender offer under the old CBA, applied to players with four year and five years of service, have been nullified. This could affect some teams more then others.

Barring any setbacks the target date for the end of the lockout, that seems to be the consensus among those close the situation, is July 15th. A perfect time considering every NFL team would start training camp on-time and the presesaon would go off without a hitch.

Of course there is likely to be pandomonium as teams rush to get rookie’s and key free agents under contract, all while dealing with a condensed free agency period.

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