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2011 NFL Lockout: July 15th A Target For Resuming Football Operations

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NFL leadership and teams owners met today in Chicago today for meetings. On the dockett was general league business as well as a vote on whether they felt the proposed deal, or framwork of, was fair to their standards.

It was time set aside for owners to object and propose solutions, the league even recommended they be ready to stay over night if the need arised, instead they departed early admidst cautious optimism that a deal seems forthcoming.

Let’s just hope it’s not more of “take one step forward, and two steps back”, we are all ready for this lockout to be over.

Some of the more pressing issues seemed to be irnoned out, the most obvious the players share of the NFL revenue compared to the owners. Under the old CBA players took home sixty percent of the money, which was the main reason the owners opted out of the old deal.

In the framework of the new deal players will recieve 48 perecent of the revenue to the owners 52 percent. That number is more tolerable to the owners moving forward and is the main reason why talks has progressed so fast so soon.

Immediately it may seem that the players are losing but in reality it’s just the opposite. They will receive a $1-billion-plus credit off the top as well as instituting a clause mandating that teams spend more then 90 percent of their salary cap. Under the old CBA the ceiling was less than 90 percent. leaving money on the table and not in the players pockets.

That of course means that players salaries will increase for the forseeable future.