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Pierre Thomas’ Role With The New Orleans Saints An Uncertain One

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Surprisingly the Saints re-signed running back Pierre Thomas to a new four-year deal worth a combined twelve million dollars before the expiration of the CBA. His average salary will be in the 2.8 million dollar range. It wasn’t surprising because of the money, but because his time with the Saints seemed to be coming to an end.

Thomas missed most of the 2010 season with a nasty ankle injury, one that would require surgery this off-season. During the course of the regular season a rift began to form between he and the coaching staff after his expected recovery time crept from a few weeks to a few months.

It was a rift that got so big that reports surfaced of a rumor failed trade between the Saints and the Patriots. At the time the Pats needed running backs and the Saints needed corners, but the two teams where just too far apart when it came to compensation. Thomas would not be un-loaded after all.

For now Thomas is a Saint for the foreseeable future even with the Saints drafting of Mark Ingram and the emergence of rookie Chris Ivory last season. Thomas’ role however could be very different now then in seasons past with the new platoon of running backs the team has assembled.

New Orleans did not trade back up into the first round of this years draft to acquire Ingram just to see him sit on the bench next season. He will play, and it is expected that his role in the offense will expand as he becomes accustomed to the speed of the NFL. Carries will be syphoned away from Thomas, it is a fact.