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The Louisiana Sports Hall of Fame Welcomes Buford Jordan

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Photo courtesy of Google Images and t3.gstatic.com

Hey, it’s time for another “feel-good” story, Lord knows we need one. This one is truly rewarding to write; I applaud the fact that for Buford Jordan his moment in the sunshine has finally come.

Buford hit the ground running for the Saints in ’86 by the way of the USFL, and it was fortunate for the New Orleans Saints. The USFL had folded in ’85, but not before Jordan had become the the leading rusher in 1984 with 1276 yards and 8 TDs for the New Orleans Breakers. Somehow it just seems that Jordan was pre-destined to play for the New Orleans Saints after playing with the New Orleans Breakers.

Buford had already distinguished himself at McNeese State in the early 1980s; his reputation was that of being one of the most dominant running backs to ever “shuck & jive” on a Louisiana football field. Jordan was never what you might call a “dominant” player, but you have to bear in mind that he played during the Mora years, when the Saints were just beginning to “come into their own”.

Bear in mind again that you can’t be a “spring chicken” and be voted into the Louisiana Sports Hall of Fame, so the contributions that Buford Jordan made to the New Orleans Saints at that critical juncture of their history make him well deserving of this honor.

When Buford joined the Saints he did whatever was asked of him, mostly playing fullback and on the special teams where he stood out by hard work and his natural talents. When you consider what he accomplished in the six years he played for the Saints it’s easy to see why next week Buford Jordan will be honored for his career when he is inducted into the Louisiana Sports Hall of Fame.