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New Orleans Saints Most “Unlikely Heroes Of Them All”

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The punt seemed to hang in the air forever as everyone in the Superdome held their breath for a miracle.  What they got was an unlikely one.

Hakim stood ready to receive the punt but the Saints Special Teams took advantage of the high hanging punt and sped downfield with Brian Milne charging in.  Hakim, probably feeling the heat , muffed the punt from the Saints.  Milne, never checking up, dove on the muffed punt with no abandon.

“Hakim drops the ball!  Hakim drops the ball!”, announcer Jim Henderson screamed.  Voice cracking with excitement and shaking with emotion, Henderson shouted, “Brian Milne might have fallen on it at the 10 yard line!  It’s the New Orleans Saints football!  Brian Milne, the most unlikely hero of them all falls on the fumble, the muff by Hakim!  There is a God after all!”

The Saints would go on to record their first playoff victory.  For Milne, it would be his defining moment as a journeyman Fullback and his last year in the NFL.  He would retire after that season.  However, Milne’s recovery of the muffed punt is still talked about to this day.