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Has Reggie Bush Held His Own End Up This Offseason?

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“That is one of the reasons that Bush has made contradictory statements about his future in New Orleans and didn’t participate in offseason workouts with Saints players.”

It’s the last part that bothers me, that Reggie may have used other team’s interest in him as an excuse NOT to show his coach, his team, and his fans that he was dedicated to staying in N’awlins. Reggie, have you forgotten just why the fans are so ticked off at the lockout?

They see the lockout as the personification of greed before the fan’s interest. Reggie, have you forgotten that Rita Benson doesn’t pay your contract? We do, the fans. The boy who parks your car at the restaurant. The girl who takes your clothes at the cleaners. Your grocer. The man who fixes your car.

Reggie, you just don’t do that. If you want to stay a beloved member of the WhoDat Nation, if you want to stay on the team and be a WhoDat, you get out on the field with the others and sweat with them, work with them, and show your dedication to the team. You prove nothing positive by being a slacker.

Dude, there are others working out for the Saints that have no guarantee of signing and playing this season either, but they’re out on the field showing Drew and Coach P that they WANT to play, that they intend to play.

Reggie, I wish you had also. There’s still time to show up. There’s still time to sweat. Show us some of that “old-time” dedication. Please. For the fans?