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Has Reggie Bush Held His Own End Up This Offseason?

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Photo courtesy of Google Images and news3.kilu.org

This one I never expected to write, because I never gave up on seeing Reggie Bush back in a Saints uniform this season, and wearing a brand new Super Bowl ring the first of next year.

First, I get so dang tired of reading reports OVER and OVER and OVER again about Reggie’s Tweets, which no-one has the right to interpret except Reggie himself. There was more of that lame reporting in the article I read that lead to this post.

GIVE IT A BREAK! Find some original ideas to post, that’s what we do here. Having said that, this post is one that saddens me. I have been behind Reggie since long before the 2009 season, since he first got to N’awlins.

I was torn a few times by the controversies in ’09, when fans were calling for trading him, whatever, before the end of the season. I went went with my gut at the time; I said no. I felt like he had more to offer than we believed.

At the time I was right. Reggie reached deep inside himself, caught his second wind, and made some amazing plays near the end of the ’09 season. Without a doubt Reggie Bush helped the Saints get into our first Super Bowl.

I have stood behind Reggie Bush ever since, never forgetting a single thrilling play he ever made. I have felt, and do feel that he has enough gas left in the tank to help lead us into another Super Bowl. All I was waiting on was to see some commitment to the team in the offseason. I haven’t seen that yet.

I ignored all of those tweets, I gave Reggie the benefit of the doubt, but I read something by Yahoo Sports today that gave me my first doubts. I’ll cut to the chase, and share the words with you now.

Here’s the words from Jason Cole, Yahoo Sports:

“Bush and agent Joel Segal were told that a number of teams would be interested in paying him handsomely, or at least more than the Saints have apparently been willing to offer at this point.”